From its beginnings as a small production workshop, ALISAERO has succeeded in perpetuating its values of work well done and responsiveness that focus on its customers, amongst its teams. Without ever compromising its values, ALISAERO has developed a real industrial organization over the past few years with the aim of proposing sustainable groundbreaking technical solutions to its customers, combined with performance that is continuously improving.

Established on a modern 5,300 m² site since 2009, the company invests in highly-efficient resources every year that can provide customers with leading-edge technical solutions that comply totally with environmental standards.

It set up its own Design Office quite a few years ago that focuses on working “on a platform” with customers right from the product design phase. ALISAERO relies, first and foremost, on the women and the men, who make up the company, to fulfil the ambitious development programme that it has set itself.

Located at the heart of Gascony, the company has made a choice based on citizenship by developing employment through a pro-active recruitment and training policy and by involving each employee in their own projects and success.