Core values


  • Expertise

ALISAERO’s development is based on proven know-how for the aeronautics industry.

ALISAERO has initiated a strategic plan for 2015 to identify the technology that it intends to increase investment in.


  • Long-term partnership

ALISAERO has established an organization and resources for accompanying each customer throughout the product lifecycle: co-development with the Design Office teams, development and industrialization, serial production, replacement parts, etc.

ALISAERO focuses exclusively on long-term relationships, by growing alongside its customers and by accompanying them through the challenges to be met.


  • People, the keystone of the company

The women and men of ALISAERO, who participate in a wonderful human adventure with us, are our greatest asset.

Far from major urban centres and the stress of recruitment, ALISAERO made a citizen choice, to create local recruitment and training subsidiaries, which are backed by the French Employment Agency and the Region. As such, ALISAERO offers real opportunities for women and men who are attached to their region. In turn, these employees ensure the company’s growth and stability on a long-term market, which needs to capitalize on its expertise.


  • Environment

From an early stage, ALISAERO adopted a pro-active approach for reducing its impact on the environment. It increased its efforts even more when the new Saint Germé site, which required prefectorial authorization, was established in 2009, by ensuring full control of its waste products. On the logical side, ALISAERO plans to initiate an ISO 14000 certification process rapidly.